Frequently Asked Questions

These are real questions that I've been asked.

Are you Canadian?

No. I've never even been to Canada.

I do speak a rhotic North American dialect of English, but with the occasional monophthongal lengthened "o" sound and a bit of a Commonwealth influence on my lexicon.

So I can see why you might think I sound Canadian.

Are you from the South?

No. I am not from the American South.

Last time someone asked me this it took me a long minute to figure out what they meant. I was thinking "South of where? The border? Which border? The equator? I mean, New Zealand is pretty far south..." It kind of went down hill from there.

Are you an Expat?

Not currently. Right now I reside in the Fatherland, so to speak.

However, I was an expat during the time that I lived in New Zealand.

How come you don't have an accent?

Comes from eating too much soap when I was small. It kind of washes the accent away.

Do you listen to punk music?

I enjoy many different kinds of music, including punk and even metal. Sometimes music even inspires me!

So, how long have you been doing this?

I've been making things out of other things ever since I was a child.

Where do you get your materials?

My husband tells people I find things on the side of the road. There is some truth in that. Sometimes friends and family give me materials as well. Finally, I also purchase items at local craft shops, hardware stores and the like.

Where do you get your ideas?

Sometimes certain objects or materials indicate what they want to become. A lot of other ideas come from life events. Sometimes I am trying to think through a particular issue, so I make something.

Other times, I am just attracted to certain materials, colors, or textures. Another surefire method is to dump everything out on the the table and see what new creations are asking to be made. You can find out more about what inspires me here.