This is a peek into some of the places I find inspiration for my pieces.

Usually, a piece requires a collision of a few bits of inspiration from different formats before it coheres into a whole.

  • Work by artists such as Colin McCahon, Jason Brammer, Nick Bantock, and Michael DeMeng, as well as others like Ralph Nuara or Virginia of YazBerry Fashion. You can see some creations I especially like at this pinterest board, or this one.
  • When I fill my ears with the likes of Project 86, Skillet, Ben Howard, Ilam Stone, or Birch Tree Project, and various others you can find here.
  • Found objects. Sometimes I find things, and they just scream what they want to become. I try to oblige them.
  • People and events sometimes prompt creations as well. They usually provide the emotional fire that ignites the desire to make something.